Now Hiring: Bus Drivers and Bus Aides

Bus Driver

    • Provide transportation for students to/from school and extracurricular events.
    • Complete safe loading/unloading techniques and student management to ensure student safety.
    • Complete accurate documentation, up to and including pre and post trip bus inspections.
    • Maintain cleanliness and sanitization of the bus.
    • Build connections with students and families to ensure safe transit to and from school.
    • Be a part of a school community as a valued team member.
    • Serve as a positive adult role model for learners.



Bus Aide

    • Assist special education students and other passengers by providing safe loading and unloading from buses during normal transport and emergency situations.
    • Attend unit meetings, in-service training, and workshops in order to gather information required to perform job functions.
    • Enforce rules/regulations in order to maintain student safety and well-being.
    • Monitor students with special needs until released to teacher, instructional assistant, and/or parent ensuring the safe transportation of all passengers.
    • Prepare reports as needed to document activities, providing written reference, conveying information, and/or complying with established guidelines.
    • Report observations and/or incidents; communicating information to appropriate personnel for their action.
    • Secure students and/or their equipment ensuring the safety and well-being of students.
    • Perform other related duties as required/assigned.



Bus Driver Benefits

    • $20+ per hour starting salary, up to $24/hour
    • $2,600 per year incentive pay
    • Paid CDL Training
    • Paid Medical Benefits
    • No weekends
    • No nights
    • Immediate shifts available

Bus Aide Benefits

    • $15.45 per hour starting salary, up to $19.00/hour                                           
    • Paid Medical Benefits
    • No weekends
    • No nights
    • Immediate shifts available