Safety and Security

  • Safety and Security

  • Springfield Public Schools is committed to the safety and security of all students, staff, and visitors.  A comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) has been developed to address the four phases of emergency management:  mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.  Various drills such as fire drills, sever weather drills, and intruder drills are examples of measures taken by administration to prepare students for an emergency.  Additionally, SPS maintains its own police department and the district cooperates with local and regional emergency agencies to address issues related to incident management.

Text to Tip

  • See something?  Say something.

    Threats, bullying, or school safety, you tell us and we will take care of it.

    Text us at:  (417) 319-2901

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Emergency:  9-1-1

    Springfield Public Schools Police:

    (417) 523-2911

    City of Springfield Police:

    (417) 864-1810

    Greene County Sheriff: 

    (417) 868-4040

    Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline: 

    (800) 392-3738



Threat Level Definitions

  • High = Severe Alert (Red)

    Severe Alert Initiated by the superintendent of the school district or individual principal, when an identifiable threat with significant probability of occurrence is present, and/or when an event has or is occurring and circumstances require an immediate response to ensure the safety of students and staff of one or more schools.

    Guarded = Elevated Alert (Yellow)

    Guarded Alert Initiated by the superintendent of the school district or individual principal when the district or school has knowledge of a threat, which may or may not be specific in nature, which an unknown probability of occurrence, and the threat has the potential to compromise the safety of students and/or staff of one or more schools.

    Low Alert (Green)

    Low Alert Normal school operation with no added precautions warranted.


  • Text to Tip

Safety and Security Measures

  • In the event of an emergency incident, there are a variety of safety measures that may be taken as defined below:

    • Secure the Building-At the beginning of each school day, all external doors are locked requiring anyone wanting to gain entry into the building to be buzzed in through a specific entrance.  This is a daily precaution used to secure students and staff inside the school.  If a potential danger is identified, any students and staff outside will return to the secured building.
    • Lockdown-This is a procedure used when there is a potential immediate threat to the school.  Lockdown minimizes access to the school and secures staff and students in rooms.  As part of this procedure, everyone must remain in the room until the situation has been declared safe by an authorized person.  
    • Shelter in Place-This is a precaution aimed to keep students and staff safe while remaining indoors.  Situation that may require the campus to shelter in place include natural disasters, severe weather, accidental or intentional release of chemical, biological or radiological material, or an emergency safety situation in the community.  Students may be kept beyond normal school hours.
    • Evacuation-This is a procedure used when the school is evacuated or closed as a result  of a hazardous materials transportation accident, major fire, natural gas leak, localized flash flooding, school violence, bomb threat, or terrorist attack.  A designated location will be established for parents to reunite with their children following an emergency  This relocation site may be at the school or it may be at an alternative location in cases where the school building has been evacuated.  
Last Modified on June 24, 2019