College & Career Academies

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    What are College & Career Academies?

    The College and Career Academy model is defined as a small, safe and supportive learning environment that is contained within a larger high school setting. 

    College & Career Academies are:

    • A college and career pathway experience for students at Glendale and Hillcrest high schools.
    • A preview of college and career options to help students plan their futures.

    3 Interlocking Elements of Academies

    1. Small learning communities composed of secondary students who take cohort classes for at least two of their four years. Students are taught by an instructional team of teachers from different disciplines. 
    2. Interactive units combine college and career preparatory concepts, providing opportunities for students to earn college credit and industry-valued certifications, while meeting their graduation requirements.
    3. Ongoing engagement of external employer and community stakeholders who bring expertise and resources to the classroom and externally onsite at businesses.