Academy Goals

  • College & Career Academies of Glendale HHS Academy


    What are College & Career Academies?

    The College and Career Academy model is defined as a small, safe and supportive learning environment that is contained within a larger high school setting. 

    Goals for all Academy students:

    • Students will develop an understanding of college and career opportunities in the pathway, and will graduate high school knowing if they want to pursue a career in the pathway or investigate another path.
    • Students will develop content knowledge and skills needed for a future career in the pathway through a hands-on approach to learning.
    • Students will participate in work-based experiences in an industry to receive a realistic view of that career path.
    • Students will have an opportunity to take industry-aligned exams for credentials and/or certifications that are valued by industry professionals.
    • Students will have an opportunity to take early post-secondary courses that satisfy college requirements.