• To provide various services that enrich classroom experiences for students by allowing building principals and classroom teachers to devote their energies to the professional skills they are trained to provide.

Defining Volunteers and Visitors

  • VOLUNTEERS are adults who assist teachers, administrators, or other staff in public school classrooms, schools, or school district programs who do not receive compensation for their work.  

    • VOLUNTEERS serve under the guidance and direction of district personnel.  
    • VOLUNTEERS must be screened through a FBI fingerprint background check, prior to volunteering,  and wear identifying stickers or badges at all times while on school grounds or at school-sponsored events.  
    • VOLUNTEERS, like visitors, entering school buildings, must check in at the front desk and present their identification for approval through the visitor management system.

  • VISITOR is a parent, relative, or other adult with permission of the child's parent or guardian who visits the school for a specific event or reason, or attends an off-campus school-sponsored event.  There is no reasonable expectation that a visitor would be alone with a child other than their own. 

    • VISITORS should check in at the front office, present their identification for clearance through the visitor management system.
    • VISITORS should wear "Visitor" stickers at all times while in the building, at an off-campus school event, or field trip during school hours.  

Contact Information

  • Amy Patton

    Coordinator, Student and School Services

    (417) 523-0230


Examples of Volunteer

  • Person assigned a task such as:

    • Chaperoning an overnight event or field trip
    • Working at the book fair, in the library or office
    • Providing classroom support
    • Reading/math tutor


    Individuals volunteering from the following organizations/programs:

    • Community Partnership of the Ozarks
    • RSVP Reading Buddy
    • Khebrat program
    • School-sponsored before- or after-school clubs

Examples of Visitor

  • Person, parent or guardian attending/visiting for:

    • Assembly/play
    • Parent-teacher conference
    • IEP/504 meetings
    • PTA events
    • Lunch 
    • Field trip 
    • Class party 
    • Book Fair with their child
    • Guest speaker

    Community/business members visiting for:

    • A singular event under the supervision of administration or teachers

Volunteer Opportunities

    • SPS School Sites/Classrooms.  Contact the site volunteer coordinator for volunteer opportunities.
    • PTSA Clothing Bank located at 2343 W. Olive Street.  Open every Thursday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (except for holidays and inclement weather for SPS Schools). Contact Patty Dunn, chairperson of the PTSA Clothing Bank at (417) 861-9382 for more information.
    • Kiwanis Shoe Bank located at 2343 W. Olive Street.  Provides pre-qualified children grades K-12 with new shoes. Open every Thursday, 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. (except for holidays and inclement weather for SPS Schools) Contact Tom Whitson at (417) 830-6220 for more information.
    • Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).  Provides volunteers to be reading buddies for students grades PreK-3. Contact Sarah Derr for more information at (417) 831-9696.
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarks.  Provides volunteer mentors to have lunch one day each week with a student in grades K-4.  The organization screens volunteer applicants and matches each volunteer with a student from our district.  Contact Trysta Herzog at 417-889-9136 for more information.
    • Facility/Maintenance. Click here for more information.  This work is done when school is not in session so background checks are not needed.