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  • Title I funding provides financial assistance to schools with a high enrollment of students from economically challenged homes. Funding is used to provide educationally productive programs to ensure all children meet challenging state academic standards.

    Springfield Public Schools uses Title I dollars for the purchase of academic supplies and materials in the areas of reading and math, professional development of highly qualified teachers and administrators, and salaries/benefits for specialists and coaches of reading, literacy, and math. 

    Attention:  Title VI American Indian/Alaskan Native Grant- If you, your child, or your child's grandparent has Tribal or Band membership, you are welcome to fill out the ED 506 Form.  This form serves as the official record of the eligibility determination for each individual child included in the student count for the Title VI Indian Education Formula Grant Program. If you choose to submit a form, your child could be counted for funding under the program. Please refer to the  Parent information letter  which has instructions for completing and returning the form.

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