• Springfield Public Schools | Portrait of a Graduate

    Over the past few years, Springfield Public Schools officials asked a diverse group of stakeholders to come together to identify the community's goals for all students. The goal was to create the District's Portrait of a Graduate. The stakeholders included parents, teachers, students, business leaders, representatives from higher education, and area non-profits. This group determined that all Springfield Public School's students should be critical thinkers who are empowered in academics, engaged in the community, collaborative, and communicative. 

    The group identified six core attributes all students will need to be successful post-graduation. The attributes include academically empowered, engaged citizen, collaborator, communicator, creative, and critical thinker. Once the core attributes were identified, the process of building a platform in which students can showcase their work was started.

    To learn more about Springfield Public Schools' Portrait of a Graduate, watch the video below or explore the links in the navigation.

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