Learner Portfolio

  • Learner Portfolios are designed to help students create opportunities for themselves to share their learning and passions. The non-cognitive attributes that define Springfield Public Schools students are communicator, creative, critical thinker, collaborator, engaged citizen, and academically empowered. Students showcase evidence of these attributes within their digital portfolio, the Learner Portfolio. The Learner Portfolio showcases work aligned to the attributes done during and beyond the school day. The portfolio provides a platform in which students set goals, reflect, and have the opportunity to authentically share their work. 

    communicator    The skilled communicator exercises effective interpersonal skills to promote shared understanding.

    creative   The creative uses innovative techniques to design, refine, analyze and evaluate ideas to develop creative solutions.

    critical thinker   The critical thinker uses systems thinking to identify and analyze information to solve problems.

    collaborator   The effective collaborator works productively in teams and assumes shared responsibility toward a common goal.

    engaged citizen   The engaged citizen is an open-minded contributor to society, demonstrating the highest degree of respect for the thoughts and ideas of others.

    academically empowered   The academically empowered graduate effectively applies content knowledge for lifelong success.