Attendance Services


  • To provide prevention and intervention services to ensure students have regular and punctual school attendance.


  • Work collaboratively with home, school, and community to provide a full spectrum of services to meet the needs of students and their families.

About Us

  • The attendance department staff works with students, families, and school personnel on the importance of regular attendance by the students. As referred by school personnel, the staff conducts home visits to determine reason(s) for student absences. The staff provides assistance for families with any challenges that may be prohibiting their child in attending school on a regular basis. Collaboration with other community agencies is provided as needed by the attendance office. Attendance staff works with school personnel in developing programs to improve school attendance and data in tracking student attendance.


    • Home Visits
    • Homeless Services/Students in Transition
    • Division of Children’s Services School Liaison
    • Division of Juvenile Services School Liaison
    • North Springfield Betterment Association Attendance Program
    • B N SCHL Attendance Initiative
    • Greene County Prosecuting Attorney School Liaison
    • Attendance letters
    • Wake up calls
    • Alarm Clocks
    • Bus passes
    • Underprivileged School Children’s Fund - Clothing/Shoe Bank, Medical Services, Study Alternative Nursery, School Supplies
    • Transportation
    • Christmas basket
    • Referrals to community agencies


  • Dr. Courtney Martin

    Director, Student Support

    Phone:  (417) 523-0352

    Fax:  (417) 523-0099