Volunteer Application/Fingerprinting Process

  • Step 1 - Complete a volunteer application.

    Step 2 - Register online or by phone with the fingerprint portal at MACHS using the code 8735.  You will need to take a coupon code with you for payment (refer to Step 3).

    • Mark YES to the question that asks if the search is being conducted for a position as a volunteer. Your coupon code will not work unless you answer YES to this question.

    *Please ensure the payment detail on your confirmation is $39.75.  The coupon code will only work for that amount.  If your payment detail is a different amount, please contact Amy Patton at alpatton@spsmail.org or 417-523-0230.


    To register by phone: 

    Directions to register by phone with the fingerprint company -- IDEMIA:

    Dial 1-844-543-9712

    Press 1 for English / Press 2 for Spanish

    Press 3

    Press 1

    Enter phone number of applicant with area code

    Enter Birthdate  00/00/0000

    Press 1 if Birthdate is correct

    Press 1 to speak with a customer service representative

    • Select a date and time to be fingerprinted or choose the walk-in option during the registration process.
    • Do this step only once regardless of how many sites you are volunteering at.

    Step 3 - Contact the school site where you wish to volunteer to receive a coupon code. Note: If you are unable to reach your site volunteer coordinator during July and August, please contact Amy Patton, Coordinator of Student and School Services, at 417-523-0230 or at alpatton@spsmail.org.

    • If you are volunteering at multiple sites, contact only one site for a coupon code.
    • To have the District cover the cost of the fingerprinting, while budget allows, take this coupon code with you when you go for your fingerprinting session.

    Step 4 - Register with the Family Care Safety Registry.  If you are already registered with them, you do not need to register again.  We are able to review the information from your previous registration to determine your volunteer approval.  If you are not currently registered, register online or with a mail-in form.  

    •  Online Registration with the FCSR is quick and easy. All an individual needs is Internet access, their Social Security number and email address, and a valid credit or debit card for payment of the fee. The fee to register online is $14.00 plus a $1.25 processing fee.
    • Mail a Worker Registration Form, a photocopy of the Social Security card, and a check or money order for the $14.00 registration fee (if applicable) to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Fee Receipts Unit, P.O. Box 570, Jefferson City, MO, 65102. Mailed forms are processed in the order received.

    Family Care Safety Registration does not expire and is good for life. Once your registry information has been reviewed you will receive a final email indicating your approval status.