FBI Highway Patrol Background Check for Screened Volunteers

  • The district shall conduct, at district expense, an FBI Highway Patrol background check on all volunteers including those who have supervisory responsibility for children at a school site or on school-sponsored trips.  

    As used in State Statute 168.133, a screened volunteer shall mean any person who assists a school by providing uncompensated service and who may periodically be left alone with students. The school district shall ensure that a criminal background check is conducted for all screened volunteers, who shall complete the criminal background check prior to being left alone with a student. Screened volunteers include, but are not limited to, persons who regularly assist in the office or library, mentor or tutor students, coach or supervise a school-sponsored activity before or after school, or chaperone students on an overnight trip. Screened volunteers may only access student education records when necessary to assist the district and while supervised by staff members. Volunteers that are not screened shall not be left alone with a student or have access to student records.

Become a Screened Volunteer

  • Step 1 - Complete a volunteer application.

     Step 2 - Register with the fingerprint portal at MACHS using the code 8735.

    • Mark YES to the question that ask if the search is being conducted for a position as a volunteer.
    • Select a date and time to be fingerprinted or choose the walk-in option during the registration process.
    • Do this step only once regardless of how many sites you are volunteering at.


    Step 3 - Contact the school site you wish to volunteer at to receive a coupon code. 

    • If you are volunteering at multiple sites, contact only one site for a coupon code.
    • To have the District cover the cost of the fingerprinting, take this coupon code with you when you go for your fingerprinting session.


    Step 4 - The volunteer site coordinator will email you regarding your approval when the background check is complete.