College & Career Academies of Hillcrest

  • Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, sophomores began taking a one-credit course that allows them to focus on one specialized pathway.

    Pathways are like college majors; students choose which to pursue.

Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
Academy of Business, Education & Cyber Security

  • Students are allowed the opportunity to explore a different pathway if they discover that their original choice is not the best fit.

  • Freshman Vertical


    Students begin their College & Career Academy experience as ninth-graders in Freshman Academy, a half-credit seminar course. 

What are academies?

  • College & Career Academies are a college and career pathway experience for students at Glendale and Hillcrest high schools. The new model is a preview of college and career options to help students plan their futures.

    The College and Career Academy model is defined as a small, safe and supportive learning environment that is contained within a larger high school setting.