Academy Outcomes

  • College & Career Academies of Glendale College & Career Academies Hillcrest


    What does success look like?

    The success of the College and Career Academy model will be determined in a number of ways, with internal and external metrics. 

    Pathway measures:

    • 180 follow-up
    • Workforce development
    • Industry certifications
    • Course failure and credit deficiencies decline
    • Dropout rate decline
    • Graduation rate increase
    • Student and graduate placement in the workforce


    Internal measures:

    • Drop-out rates
    • 90/90 attendance
    • Course failure rates
    • 5-year historical freshman data
    • College and career metrics
    • Reading Plus
    • iReady (ELA and math)
    • Student engagement
    • Teacher-student relationships
    • Community partner feedback
    • Stakeholder feedback
    • Increased teacher collaboration