Blackboard Connect Notification System

  • Springfield Public Schools uses Blackboard Connect Notification Service to help keep parents informed. This system allows the district and individual schools to contact parents via automated phone calls, text messages and push notification using the MySPS app.  Messages may include important announcements about school events or emergency situations.

    • To receive automated phone calls and text messages, at the beginning of each school year complete the Blackboard Connect Student Information Sheet  and return it to your child's school to enroll/update your desired contact numbers.  Information for students at all high schools and middle schools excluding Westport and Pleasant View can be entered/changed by logging in to Home Access.
    • To receive information through the MySPS app, you must download it.

    View Frequently Asked Questions.

Automated Phone Calls

  • Automated Phone Calls There are two types of Blackboard Connect messages you will receive via telephone:

    1. Informational Messages

    These may be initiated either by your child’s school or by the district and will be sent only to the telephone numbers you listed as Primary Phone Number and Secondary Phone Number on the Blackboard Connect Student Information Form. Some examples of Informational Messages include:

                    a. Reminders about regularly scheduled early dismissals, days off and holiday breaks.

                    b. School cancellations warranted by inclement weather or other unanticipated events.

                    c. Announcements about activities or events at your child’s school.

                    d. Notifications about student absences.

    2. Emergency Messages

    In the rare event a widespread threat poses imminent danger to the physical safety of students and/or staff requiring massive evacuations and/or relocations, an emergency message will be sent. On these occasions, a message will be initiated by the district in consultation with individual school sites and will be sent to ALL telephone numbers you listed on the Blackboard Connect Student Information Form (Primary, Secondary and Emergency 1, 2, and 3 Phone Numbers).  



Text Messages

  • Text Message The District will limit the use of text messages to school cancellations or emergency situations.  Text messages will come from 23177 or 63079.  Please save these numbers in your contacts as SPS so you can quickly recognize them as the official source for messages.

    Numbers listed as the primary and secondary numbers on the Blackboard Connect Notification Student Information Sheet, submitted to the school site each year, will automatically be opted in to receive text messages if it is a text enabled number.  Anyone wishing to opt out of receiving text messages simply text 'STOP SPSR12' to 23177 or 63079.



  • MySPS app phone Get easy access to SPS resources you need, when you need it. Download the Springfield Public Schools mobile app, MySPS. 

    When you download the app, you will be able to receive important messages (school cancellations, etc.) from the district. To also receive messages from your child's school, click on settings, select the school you want to receive messages from and select Receive Inbox Messages. Your child's school can now send you messages via the app that pertain specifically to your child's school. Remember, you must leave the District settings as they are to receive emergency notifications about school cancellations, etc. Simply add your child's school.

Test of Notification System

  • Each year, Springfield Public Schools conducts a test of the Connect 5 Notification Service during the month of October.  The exact date will be communicated to you via the weekly parent e-newsletter and on the district's website. Prior to the test date, please be sure to communicate with individuals you have listed on your student’s contact sheet about these test message so they will be expecting it. Also, please check with them after the test to confirm that they received the proper message. If you list an individual’s work phone number on the form, please be sure that it is a direct line. Otherwise it might create confusion in workplaces and prevent the message from reaching the intended recipient.

    If the test indicates your child’s correct contacts were not called, please phone your child’s school with the following information:

                    a. Your name and daytime telephone number.

                    b. The name of your child.

                    c. The name and correct telephone number of the contact that requires a change and  indicate whether it should be added, corrected or deleted. Also, state the person’s relationship to the student (mother, father, aunt, friend, etc.).

    The success of this system is dependent upon accurate contact information for each student.  If contact numbers change, please notify your child’s school office immediately.