Safe Schools Training

  • Springfield Public Schools uses SafeSchoolsTM Training to offer training courses online for our employees convenience. Follow these easy steps to complete your Springfield Public Schools safety training requirements:

    1.  Go to the SafeSchoolsTM here.

    2.  Enter the username and password you use to sign on to your computer.Your Password is the same as your computer sign on.

    3.  Click on a course title to begin the training. Each course has audio, so be sure to turn up your speakers if you'd like to listen. You must complete each section of the course in order to receive full credit.

    Your Springfield Public Schools SafeSchools contact: Human Resources 417-523-GOHR(4647)


    Additional Training/Professional Learning can be accessed through CANVAS.

    Additional Staff Training Videos from Health Services (in CANVAS)

    • Select Glass Classroom
    • Select In-Depth Study
    • Select Health Services
    • Select Staff Training
    • Access the three additional training videos:
      • First Aid for Choking
      • First Aid for Burns
      • Universal Precautions