Termination Coverage

  • Must be elected within 60 days of your coverage termination date.

    • Coverage is retroactive and premium due from the coverage termination date.
    • Is available for dental, health, vision and flexible spending.
    • Maximum length of time to carry COBRA coverage is 18 months for the employee and 36 months for an eligible dependent.

Retirement Coverage

  • Within a few days of your retirement date you will receive information regarding your options for health, dental and vision insurance coverage.   

    • Must be elected within 12 months from your date of retirement
    • Coverage begins the first of the month following the date the request is received (or the first of the month following your loss of coverage if the paperwork is completed by the end of the 1st month of non-active employee coverage)
    • Coverage may continue until you elect to terminate; once terminated you forfeit the right to enroll at a later date
  • Med-Pay administers our COBRA on behalf of the District.  For payment inquiries, please contact Med-Pay at 417-886-6886.


    If you have not received your enrollment packet within 2 weeks after your end of insurance please call the Human Resources Department at 417-523-GOHR (4647).


    For a detailed list of qualifying events, go to the U.S. Department of Labor's website.