• Proposition S

Proposition S - Safer Students. Stronger Schools.

  • Bond projectOn April 4, 2023, Springfield Public Schools will ask voters to consider a request to issue general obligation bonds in the amount of $220 million to fund critical school improvements prioritized by a citizen task force that will impact every school in the district. This no-tax rate increase to the debt service levy will fund multiple high-priority projects that include safety and security upgrades at all school facilities, new construction for Pipkin and Reed middle schools, renovation of Pershing School, and construction of storm shelters at Cowden, Holland, Mann, Pittman, Watkins, and Wilder elementaries.  




    Safety & Security Upgrades at All Schools Protective glass film for ground-floor windows at all schools. Security cameras and door and roof sensors / alarms added based on identified needs. $6,969,000
    Pipkin Middle School New Construction $53,080,000
    Reed Academy New Construction   $59,480,000
    Pershing School Renovation/Reconstruction $50,420,000
    Cowden Elementary Storm Shelter Gymnasium*  $5,105,000
    Holland Elementary Storm Shelter Gymnasium*  $5,105,000
    Mann Elementary Storm Shelter Gymnasium*  $4,950,000
    Pittman Elementary Storm Shelter Gymnasium*  $5,105,000
    Watkins Elementary Storm Shelter Gymnasium*  $5,105,000
    Wilder Elementary Storm Shelter Gymnasium*  $4,950,000
    Cost Variance Allocations for cost variance will be invested to offset inflation of construction, labor, and/or materials & to fund priority Phase 3 projects, if possible. $19,731,000
    TOTAL BOND PROPOSAL $220,000,000

     *Storm shelter gymnasiums are built to withstand tornadoes and will help protect students and staff during the school day. The full-size gymnasiums will also provide greater flexibility for PE, music classes and special events, since the cafeteria will no longer serve as a multi-purpose space.

  • Prop S Information Brochure

Bond Overview

Reed Academy Project

Pipkin Middle School Project

Safety & Security Upgrades

Storm Shelter Gymnasiums

Pershing School Project

  • Paid for by the School District of Springfield R-12

    Dr. Grenita Lathan, Superintendent

    1359 E. St. Louis St., Springfield, MO  65802