SPS Choice

SPS Choice

  • SPS Choice Programs have focused themes and aligned curriculum that provides students access to unique learning opportunities driven by their passion, inquiry, and community connections. SPS Choice is choice within the public school setting. Applications for most choice programs are typically accepted during November for the next school year.

Quality Assurance

  • Quality assurance for current and future choice options is a district focus. 

    • All SPS Choice Programs are subject to a quality assurance endorsement process.
    • The endorsement process includes an evaluation which takes programs through a self-reflection, on-site evaluation, and a post-evaluation feedback process.
    • Programs are evaluated utilizing a rubric containing specific indicators which fall under the categories of:  program design, academic success, and community connections.
    • To learn more about the endorsement evaluation process and to see program results, click here.

Choice Expansion

  • The development of future SPS Choice programs will take into consideration the following general areas:

    • Current and future stakeholder support for the proposed program.
    • Accountability measurements that align with the district’s strategic plan and mission, as well as reflect the uniqueness of the proposed program.
    • Facility to house proposed program (if applicable).
    • Consideration of overall existing and future SPS Choice programs.
    • Proposed programs have an established plan to address indicators found within the evaluation rubric.
    • If you are interested in partnering with Springfield Public Schools Choice Programs, please click here to learn more.


  • Kelsey Brabo

    Coordinator of Choice Programs & Student Experiences

    (417) 631-9926