• Fly SPS




    Starting with the 2023-2024 school year, 10 high school students from Springfield Public Schools will have the opportunity to work toward earning their private pilot’s license through a new choice program offered in cooperation with Ozarks Technical Community College. 


Program Information

Fly SPS is a new half-day program currently being developed that will provide students instruction in aviation. Year 1 of the program will focus on completing the requirements to obtain a private pilot’s license. During Year 2, students will receive advanced training in flight and aviation. Potential aviation careers include commercial and airline pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers.


    • Initially two students from each SPS high school will be selected through a random lottery process to participate in Fly SPS.

    • Students must meet all FAA screening requirements.

    • More details about the timeline, application process and classes will be provided in Spring 2023. 

Important Dates

    • Timeline, application process and classes will be provided in Spring 2023.


  • dr. adams  Dr. Amanda Adams

    Coordinator of Choice Programs & Student Experiences


    Mrs. Kelsey Brabo

     Mrs. Kelsey Brabo

    Director of Choice Programs & Student Experiences