Focus Area 1 - Student Success and Learning Support

  • Sherwood students

Goal 1

  • Promote, create, and maintain a safe, secure learning environment that supports the physical and emotional well-being of all students.









Goal 2

  • Each student will have equitable access to engaging, relevant, and personalized learning experiences that positively impact academic achievement and personal growth.










Goal 3

  • Each student will be equipped to solve problems through critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

Strategies - Goal 1

    • 1.1.1 The district will expand safety and security supports to include increased staff training, improved threat identification processes, and safety and security physical improvements.
    • 1.1.2 The district will continue to identify and collaborate with appropriate community partners and faith-based organizations to refine partnership processes to ensure student and building needs are systematically addressed to increase access to health, hunger, and medical resources to reduce student absenteeism. 
    • 1.1.3 The district will continue to identify and collaborate with appropriate community partners by expanding access to qualified mental health providers while also evaluating and updating curriculum, and training school personnel in identifying and supporting students with mental health concerns. 
    • 1.1.4 The district will research, develop, and deploy strategies that improve engagement, safety, and attendance rates for under resourced and underrepresented student populations.

Strategies - Goal 2

    • 1.2.5 Increase participation in extracurricular and after-school programming for students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.  
    • 1.2.6 The district will demonstrate annual growth in the core academic success (iReady, MAP, EOC, Common Assessments) of all students, with an intensive focus on closing performance gaps for under-resourced & underrepresented students.
    • 1.2.7 Continue to provide access to modern learning tools and educational resources and increase access to high-quality virtual courses for all students.
    • 1.2.8  Increase access to early-childhood education to expand services within the district and collaborate with appropriate community partners to increase kindergarten readiness.
    • 1.2.9 Ensure that outcomes for students from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds are improving as they access supports based on their needs and abilities.
    • 1.2.10 The district will research, develop & deploy actions to increase the graduation rate of all student populations, with an intensive focus on under-resourced & underrepresented students.  

Strategies - Goal 3

    • 1.3.11 Collaborate and partner with community organizations and private businesses to help enrich learning experiences for students and staff.  
    • 1.3.12 Regularly provide students experiences beyond core academics that address life skills and college and career readiness needs locally, nationally, and statewide.  
Last Modified on June 24, 2019