Facility Master Planning

  • Central High School From early February to early fall 2016, a team of seasoned facility planning experts from MGT of America worked in collaboration with SPS leadership to conduct a comprehensive assessment of schools and other buildings. This districtwide examination of each school, administrative building and maintenance center provided data to create a facility master plan for Springfield Public Schools.  Project goals included engaging the community, establishing standards, identifying and prioritizing needs, and developing a long-range, effective and efficient facility plan.

    At the time of the assessment, there were 60 district facilities being utilized in many different ways to support engaging, relevant and personal learning experiences for each of our 25,000 students. 

    The purpose of a facility master plan is to develop and communicate a long-range vision for facilities that best supports our students' current and future educational needs. It serves as a guide for assessing the need for facility improvements and capital investments to implement them. 

    Regardless of their age or size, our facilities need to be active spaces that meet the needs of the people utilizing them--students, teachers, parents and community members.


Last Modified on July 11, 2019