Quality Learning Environments

  • constructionWe are committed to safe and secure facilities that optimize learning.

Objective 4.1

  • Maintain safe and quality spaces for all students and staff


  • Smart Goal 4.1.1 - Develop plans to address short-term and long-term facility needs. 

    Champion: Deputy Superintendent of Operations

    Key Metrics:  Facility audits 

    Baseline:  Facility study conducted in 2016 

    Target:  Establish a current 10-year facility plan during 2023-2024 

    Strategy A:  Develop and maintain a 10-year facility plan. The plan will include both short-term and long-term facility needs, will be used to guide budget decisions related to planned maintenance and improvements, and will inform decisions related to future bond issues. The district facility plan will be updated at least every five years and will be published on the district website. 

  • Smart Goal 4.2.1 - Maintain physically safe and quality spaces for each student and staff member. 

    Champion: Deputy Superintendent of Operations

    Key Metrics:  Facility Safety Audits 

    Baseline:  Summer 2023 Facility Safety Audit Report 

    Target:  Annually conduct safety assessments of district facilities and implement findings 

    Strategy A:  Complete a comprehensive safety audit of all district facilities annually. The results of the audit will be presented to the Executive Leadership Team no later than December of each year and will be used to inform practices related to the safety and security of district facilities. 

Last Modified on June 14, 2023