Facility Master Plan

  • Building Together At its Jan. 26, 2016, meeting, the BOE approved a contract with MGT of American, Inc. to begin collecting information to develop a facility master plan.  As part of its long-range facility master planning process, Springfield Public Schools hosted a series of community meetings to gather input about proposed facility improvements. The school board continues to consider options to address opportunities for improvement identified through assessments of about 60 buildings, which were conducted by an independent team of facility experts. Parents, students, employees and community members were invited to attend one of 10 scheduled meetings to learn more about the proposed options and to provide their feedback. 

Planning Process Steps

  • STEP 1:  Public Engagement and Community Collaboration

    By using an interactive process, the community was engaged in the planning process which featured three unique types of input: charrettes presentation, real-time polling and small group discussion. This allowed employees, parents, community members and other stakeholder groups to provide input for the district's facility master plan. Input was also provided via an online survey.

    STEP 2:  Conduct Facilities Assessment

    Facility assessments were used to measure the effectiveness in providing engaging, relevant and personal learning opportunities for the district's learners. Facility assessments evaluated four different areas: site condition, building condition, educational  suitability and technology readiness.  View results of facility assessments presented to Board of Education on Aug. 9, 2016.

    STEP 3:  Develop Master Planning Options

    Public input, facility assessments and community collaboration efforts laid the foundation for a facility master plan. Master planning options were developed and submitted to the district.  Option 1 maintained current grade configurations while option 2 included combined elementary/middle school campuses.   View presentation made to the Board of Education on Sept. 6, 2016.

    STEP 4:  Public Engagement and Community Feedback

    Engaged the community through a series meetings and online survey to provide input on the options being considered, share concerns and indicate option preference.

    STEP 5:  Approval

    The Board of Education officially adopted a Facility Master Plan.

    STEP 6:  Prioritize Projects

    Identify list of proposed projects, approved by the Board of Education, to be funded by future bond proposals.  On May15, 2018, the Board of Education commissioned a community task force on facilities to review information regarding the current state of SPS facilities and provide feedback and recommendations to the board and administration regarding high priority projects it believes the community would support in a future bond issue.  Learn more here.

    STEP 7:  Seek Voter Approval

    Place bond proposals on election ballot for taxpayer consideration to secure funding.

    STEP 8:  Implementation of Projects

    After voter approval, begin process to design and implement projects over the next decade.


  • Click here to learn about the Community Task Force on Facilities

Last Modified on October 11, 2021