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  • Bikeology

    Grade 9-12

    Seated Class

    Delve into the world of bicycles, fitness, and outdoor exploration. This course is designed to provide high school students with hands-on experiences related to bicycle safety, maintenance, riding skills, and the joy of cycling. This course counts towards 1/2 credit of physical education.

    Pershing Only


  • English Language Development Summer Bridge

    Grade 7-12 

    Seated Class

    Participate in an academic and enrichment program that provides opportunities to continue your English acquisition in the classroom and during local field trips. .5 Elective Credit.

    Parkview Only


Notes to High School Learners:

    • All high school classes are online except for Bikeology and English Lanuage Development Summer Bridge
    • Students can earn up to two credits (one per month).

    • Online Classes:  June 3-28 and July 8 - August 2

    • Course credit will be offered in order (Semester 1 = first 2 weeks, Semester 2 = second 2 weeks)

    • For full credit classes, 1/2 credit will be awarded every 2 weeks; every 2 weeks will count as a semester.

    • Credit Recovery:  Approval is needed to enroll in credit recovery courses.  Please contact your school counselor to determine eligibility.

    • 10 days prior to the start of the session, courses with fewer than 12 students could be closed due to low enrollment. Students will be notified.

    • To earn course credit, high school students must receive a passing grade.