• Explore 2023

Notes to High School Learners:

    • All high school classes are online, with the exception of Bikeology which will be at Pershing Middle School and ESY and ELD courses which will be at Central High School.
    • Students can earn up to two credits (one per month).

    • Online Classes:  June 5-30 and July 5-31

    • Course credit will be offered in order (Semester 1 = first 2 weeks, Semester 2 = second 2 weeks)

    • For full credit classes, 1/2 credit will be awarded every 2 weeks; every 2 weeks will count as a semester.

    • Credit Recovery:  Approval is needed to enroll in credit recovery courses.  Please contact your school counselor to determine eligibility.

    • 10 days prior to the start of the session, courses with fewer than 12 students could be closed due to low enrollment. Students will be notified.

    • To earn course credit, high school students must receive a passing grade. 


High School Summer 2023 Catalog