Middle School ELP Courses

  • Students eligible for ELP classes will be notified by mail.

  • ELP Math - Explore Ninja Warrior 

    Become one of the first to climb walls, jump hoops, and use your math skills to compete against other teams.

    Session 2, A.M. and P.M.


  • ELP Math - Step Right Up! 

    Think you have the skills to put on a traveling carnival of your own?  In this fun and exciting class you'll brush up on math skills while designing and competing at some of the most exciting carnival games around.

    Session 1, A.M. and P.M.


  • ELP Reading - Criminal Case 

    Come solve mysteries with other aspiring detectives and receive personalized instruction in learning new literacy techniques. Get ready to become fully immersed in the Criminal Justice System while improving your reading and writing skills. Follow the clues and register today!

    Session 1, A.M. and P.M.

  • ELP Reading - Gamer4Life

    Level up on your reading skills and become a Gamer4Life! In this course you will play, read, and write about classic and new video games. Students will receive personalized learning experiences through small class size, independent reading, small and whole group instruction, ReadingPlus activities, and video gaming sessions.

    Session 2, A.M. and P.M.