Middle School Online/Blended Courses

  • African American Studies

    Develop an understanding of the African American experience and its influence on the world. Experience history through field trips and learn about the life of Jackie Robinson.

    Session 1, A.M. and P.M.

    Reed Academy only (seated class)

    Session 2



  • ALEKS Academy 

    ALEKS is an online mathematics program that uses artificial intelligence and adaptive questioning to assess student knowledge and individualize instruction.

    Session 1 and Session 2


  • Code Academy 

    Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite apps and games were created?  Explore how programmers develop digital projects and games.  Choose between block-based coding, Python, and JavaScript and learn at your comfort level.

    Session 1 and Session 2

  • Health

    Students will develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to help them engage in healthy active living.

    Session 1 and Session 2


  • Iron Chef Explore

    Tired of the same old foods and want to find something new to eat that you can make yourself?  Meet chefs and business owners, see great demonstrations, try new foods and take foods home to prepare for yourselves.  Learn online and then take field experiences departing from Carver.

    Session 1 and Session 2


  • Physical Education

    Students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to sustain a lifestyle that contributes to personal wellness, fitness, and a positive self-concept.

    Session 1 and Session 2


  • Reading Plus Academy 

    Reading Plus is an online program that assesses student reading capacity and personalizes instruction to build skills and knowledge.

    Session 1 and Session 2