Middle School Virtual Courses

  • Escape!

    Seated (June) or Online (June & July)

    Participate in various breakout activities including escape rooms, word game activities, guest speakers, G Suite modifications and breakout options, designing and implementation of breakout games and reflection on worst-case scenarios.

  • Game On! 

    Seated or Online (June & July)

    Design your own video games; no prior experience necessary. Write code using several different platforms and languages. Seated students will visit an arcade.

  • Health

    Online (June & July)

    Students will gain the necessary knowledge to make sound health decisions regarding their personal health and wellness. Instruction may include units covering healthy foundations, mental and emotional health, nutrition and physical activity, and growth and development.

  • Launch Into Coding

    Online (June & July)

    Explore how programmers develop digital projects and games. Choose from block-based coding, Python or JavaScript and the level of difficulty.


  • Launch into Math

    Online (June & July)

    Imagine Learning assesses a student's current level in mathematics, then provides individualized instruction at the learner's level. This personalized instruction builds tremendous learning momentum, helping students achieve success and confidence in their math abilities. Students will continue to learn math online during the summer months.

  • Launch into Reading

    Online (June & July)

    Imagine Learning assists students by providing differentiated literacy instruction. The program provides explicit, systematic, personalized learning in the different areas of reading instruction, targeting skill gaps as they occur. Students will continue to focus on foundational reading skills during the summer months.

  • Outdoor U

    Seated or Online (June & July)

    Experience and enjoy nature and learn skills to live life in the great outdoors. Enjoy fishing, hiking, survival skills, disc golf, kayaking, and more. Seated students will visit different outdoor recreation areas in and around Springfield.


  • Physical Education

    Online (June & July)

    Students can continue to develop skills in familiar sports and acquire skills and knowledge in new sports. Physical education is also emphasized with short sessions of jogging, stretching, rhythm, and resistance exercises as a part of each day's activities. The class goal is to provide each student with the knowledge and desire to pursue fitness throughout life.

  • Science Remediation

    Online (June & July)

    Sixth-grade students will investigate objectives within the subject content area of earth science and explore the relevance of science and technology to society. Seventh-grade students will increase learning about life science concepts and apply those concepts to the world around them. Eighth-grade students will participate in hands-on learning opportunities to acquire and enhance a solid in-depth foundation of knowledge, literacy, and skills in the areas of introductory chemical and physical science concepts.

  • Social Studies Remediation

    Online (June & July)

    Sixth-grade students will receive an introduction to ancient world history, including a study of early civilizations, geography's impact on history, and classical civilizations. Seventh-grade students will receive an introduction to world geography, including the study of the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, North America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, East Asia, and Oceania. Eighth-grade students will study American history from Colonization through the Civil War, which will integrate citizenship, multicultural, cultural events, history, geography, economics, and governmental objectives using primary and secondary sources.

  • Strategic Reading & Writing

    Online (June & July)

    This course is designed primarily for students reading and writing below grade level and will provide differentiated instruction to develop their skills. STudents will interact with texts matched to their reading level along with content that is appropriate for middle school students.

  • Strategic Math

    Online (June & July)

    This course is designed primarily for students below grade level in Math and will provide differentiated instruction to develop their skills. Students will participate in instruction matched to their level along with content that is appropriate for middle school students.