The International Baccalaureate Programme provides a K-12 education that transforms learners into leaders.

  • The IB Programme offers a versatile and rigorous learning experience for SPS students. From pre-kindergarten to senior year, the IB helps students become leaders within our community, while helping them be success-ready to achieve their current and future goals.

    "The IB Programme allows SPS students to develop necessary and transferable skills such as critical thinking, inquiry, international mindedness, creativity, agency and resilience."

     - Dr. Jeremy Alsup, Coordinator of International Baccalaureate Programmes

    The IB Community and the Learner Profile

    Through the principles of IB, students are given a competitive edge, helping them to gain admission to top universities and careers of their choice. IB students have experiences that support the smooth transition to higher education and, ultimately, perform better when they graduate. 

    “The IB Program was an important step towards developing the problem solving skills I need to pursue a career in public health and medicine. Having freedom to explore topics I was passionate about through Math, Biology, Physics, and Environmental Systems and Societies helped me get into a habit of being thorough with research projects and essays.”

    –Will Hutson (IB: CP) Class of 2019
    Washington University: Master of Public Health, Epidemiology & Biostatistics (2024)

    “Having access to the IB Primary Years Programme through our school has been such an unexpected blessing. My kindergartner loves having access to learning Spanish and participating in activities such as the International Day of Peace. I feel that the she will be a more well rounded student because of her access to this program.” 

    –Ashley, parent of PYP student

    IB at SPS

    PreK-12 IB at SPS encourages both personal development and academic achievement by challenging students to think critically, ask the right questions and excel within multiple disciplines. An IB education also fosters inclusion, curiosity and a healthy appetite for learning.

  • Elementary School

    (Primary Years Programme)

    The SPS Primary Years Programme (PYP) includes the only PreK IB school in the state. PYP provides an inquiry-based and student-centered model that places student agency at its core. 

    Students develop a sense of ownership in their learning and confidence in themselves, as they learn how to positively impact their school and community.

    PYP and the Learner

    PYP Connects Disciplines


  • Middle School

    (Middle Years Programme)

    The Middle Years Programme (MYP) encourages practical connections between rigorous academic frameworks and real world experiences. It also provides a necessary social and academic bridge between middle and high school.

    MYP students utilize IB’s Approaches to Learning Skills, which position them for high levels of performance in high school.

    MYP Subject Groups and Global Contexts

    Approaches to Learning


  • High School

    (Middle Years Programme, Diploma Programme, Career-related Programme)

    The Diploma Programme (DP) is a rigorous course of study, leading to comprehensive, written examinations that meet the needs of the highly motivated secondary school student. It is a comprehensive curriculum recognized by the world's leading universities. 

    The Career-related Programme (CP) combines the study of DP courses with career-related studies and the four elements of the CP core. As one of these core elements, the personal and professional skills course focuses on preparing students to effectively navigate a range of personal and professional situations that they may encounter in the workplace.

    DP Course Offerings

    CP Pathways