Physical Education



    Physical Education is part of a K-­12, vertically aligned curriculum designed to graduate students who are college and career ready to live a long and healthy lifestyle. Students are introduced to a variety of skills to build a foundation of fundamental movement skills while focusing on knowledge and skills for a lifetime of physical activity. Learning activities are designed to develop motor skills, knowledge and behaviors for active living, physical fitness, sportsmanship, self-efficacy and emotional intelligence.

    5 Benefits of Physical Education


    • Goal 1: Teachers will employ instruction practices that engage learners in moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least 50 percent of instructional time. 
    • Goal 2: Through participation in Physical Education, students will be college and career ready.
    • Goal 3: Through participation in Physical Education, students will progress on their journey towards physical literacy.

    Best Practices

    Click Here for the Essential Components of Physical Education

Health Education

  • Overview

    Health Instruction is delivered during Integrated Units which is Project Based Learning  that integrates science, social studies, and health content in kindergarten through fifth grade.  Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students work throughout a unit to investigate and respond to an engaging and meaningful question, problem, or challenge.  Students gain knowledge and skills as they research, problem solve, make decisions, use feedback, and present about their project.


    Through participation in Health Education:

    • Goal 1: students will progress on their journey towards Health literacy.
    • Goal 2: maintain positive health behaviors. 
    • Goal 3: Address risky and unhealthy behaviors. 
    • Goal 4: Delay onset of use or experimentation with risky and unhealthy behaviors.

    Best Practices

    Click Here for the Characteristics of Effective Health Education


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