• Goal 1: The district will support the adoption of resources, creation of curriculum/assessments, and provide content-specific professional learning to support teacher implementation and meet individual student needs.

    Goal 2: Teachers will implement district adopted curriculum, resources, and assessments with integrity.

    Goal 3: Students will engage in rigorous grade-level math learning opportunities that include best practices for equitable instruction and sense making.

    Goal 4: Through participation in math courses, students will have the foundational skills necessary to continue rigorous coursework in middle school through college/career.

Best Practices

  • What are the beliefs about mathematics in SPS?

    • In mathematics, learning should focus on developing an understanding of grade-level concepts and procedures through problem solving, reasoning, and discourse.
    • In mathematics, students need to have a range of strategies and approaches from which to choose in solving problems, including, but not limited to, general methods, standard algorithms, and procedures. 
    • In mathematics, students can learn through exploring and solving contextual and mathematical problems.
    • In mathematics, the teacher will engage students in tasks that promote reasoning and problem solving and facilitate discourse that move students toward shared understanding of mathematics.  
    • In mathematics, the student will be actively involved in making sense of mathematics tasks by using varied strategies and representations, justifying solutions, making connections to prior knowledge and familiar contexts and experiences, and considering the reasoning of others. 
    • In mathematics, students are provided with appropriate challenges, encouraged to persevere in solving problems, and supported in productive struggle in learning.
    • In mathematics, students have:
      • The right to be confused
      • The right to claim a mistake
      • The right to speak, listen, and be heard
      • The right to write, do, and represent what makes sense

    8 Practices

    Elementary Math Block Schedule:

    Math Block

Missouri Learning Standards

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