Science Supplies and Chemicals

  • The District is currently using the US Communities contract for the purchase of science supplies.

    • Contract pricing is a 33-35% discount off of catalog price with free shipping with Fisher Scientific. (Your site secretary should have a user ID and password to log into the site. Contact Michelle Bentley at 523-0071 if you need assistance with your user ID/password.) 
    • These discounts are good through November 10, 2020 per bid # S18B-0014.

Vendor Information

  • Vendor

    Discount Information


    Acorn Naturalists

    180 S Prospect Ave., Ste 230

    Tustin, CA 92780

    Phone (800)-422-8886

    Fax (800) 452-2802

    •   0-10% -   items are discounted 10% when ordering 10 or more of the same item,  with the exception of product sets (which   are already discounted).  IN addition, some series have “mix/match” pricing giving you 10% off when ordering a total of 10 or more items. 
    •   Shipping   is based on pre-tax subtotal.  For   orders under $70 add $6.95, on orders $70 - $800 add 10%, orders between $800-$2,000 add 7%
    •   and orders over $2,000 add 5%. 

    Carolina  Biological Supply Company 

    Proposal # P105648

    2700   York Road

    Burlington,   NC 27215

    Phone:  (336)-584-0381

    Fax:  (336)-538-6330


    • 5% discount from website        supplies
    • 5% discount chemicals
    • Free shipping on purchases        over $200
    • Shipping charges will apply on orders less than $200.00 *Excludes: living, perishable, hazardous chemicals and kits containing them, drop ship items and preserved specimens. motor freight are dock delivery only

    Exceptions:   Furniture items and Distance Learning kits.  

    Other bid responses, phone or written quotes, GEMS, Math-out -of-the-box, STC, and STC/MS kits, refurbishment sets, Building Blocks of science, and printed materials will be sold at list price with no discount and freight will apply.

    Discount   School Supply  

    Reference code:                  

    2   Lower Ragsdale Dr. Suite 200

    Monterey,   CA 93940

    Phone:   800-836-9515

    Fax:  800-993-3609

    • 20% on stock items only on        orders greater than $100.
    • Free Delivery with a minimum        order of 99.00 on all stock items.
    • Orders less than 99.00 will be charged a minimum of 8.50 or 15%, whichever is greater for shipping.
    • Additional surcharges may be        subject due to energy and fuel costs.        
    • Drop ship items (pictured with a truck) will be charged 15% for shipping
    • Discount does not apply to promotional        priced items.  Offer not valid with other promotions, discount or outside the 48 contiguous United States.

    EAI Education 

    118 Bauer Dr.

    Oakland, NJ 07436

    Phone:   (800)-700-8010

    Fax:   (201) 891-5689


    • 15% off supplies
    • n/a chemicals
    • No minimum order - prefer        PO’s to be combined to total 30.00 or more.
    • Shipping - orders over $100        are free.  Under $100, add $7.00        for shipping.  Actual shipping        charges do apply to calculators, storage products, furniture, carpets,        over size & drop shipped items.        
    • Exclusions – discount does not apply to calculators & peripherals, all TX instruments & Vernier products, software, timers, stopwatches, furniture, carpets, Little Bits, Cubelets, Ozobots, Sphero, SamLabs, Makey Makey or 5eBoard.  Cannot be combined with other offers including discounts through bids & quotes, web sale prices or EAI coupons.

    Fisher Scientific

    US Communities Contract C15-JL-12

    4500 Turnberry Drive

    Hanover Park, IL 60133 

    Phone:  (800) 955-1177

    Fax:  (800) 955-4763

    Contract   # 14266-7057

    Sales Representative:  Jennifer Rozanski


    Phone:  (630) 219-8835

    Fax:  (412) 249-1710

    • 33%-  General Supplies
    • 35% chemicals
    • 33% Specimens
    • 33 % Equipment/Lab Furniture
    • Free Freight
    • NO minimum purchases

    *Exceptions on free freight: Live, hazardous, and motor freight items, and expedited shipping charges. Discounted hazardous materials surcharge of $10 will be charged where applicable.  Freight charges for live and motor freight items are provided on request.   

    *Excludes   – sale items or special quotes.  products   ending in ND,  non catalog items,   denoted with  an NC prefix, customized items are not subject to discount.

    *   A 1% rebate is given if 50% of District orders are placed online. 

    Flinn   Scientific  Quote # 169608

    P.O.  Box 219

    Batavia,   Il 60510

    Phone   (800)-452-1261

    Fax   (866)-452-1436

    • 15% discount supplies
    • 15% discount chemicals
    • Free shipping on most catalog        items
    • No minimum order

    *Exceptions   to free freight: Live material, lab furniture, hazardous material surcharges,   items requiring Truck Freight, and Technology items

    *   Exceptions on discount: Live material, lab furniture, The Flinn   Spectrophotometer (AP7026) & Accessories, Computer software, technology products and e-learning




    Frey Scientific 

    Contract# 7785644506

    140   Marble Drive

    Lancaster   PA 17601

    Phone   (800)-228-3739

    Fax   (877)-256-3739

    • 32% discount supplies
    • 32% discount chemicals
    • Free shipping
    • No minimum order

    *Exceptions: live specimens, (previs L) hazardous materials (prefix H) and products that   must ship motor freight (prefix T) will incur a $75 fee or a 12% of line value.  All CPO and DSM products will  incur a 12% fee of line value.

    Exceptions:   no discount on SSI, Delta, CPO or Frey Scientific Exclusive Products with a prefix of "N" or "LN".  Discount does not apply to any other School Specialty Catalogs or Flyers.

    Hand2Mind   (ETA Hand2Mind)

    Bid # S18B-0014

    500   Greenview CT

    Vernon Hills, IL60061

    Phone:  (800)-445-5985

    Fax   (800-382-9326


    • 15% off supplies
    • 0% off chemicals
    • 12% (7.00 minimum)
    • Free ground shipping on        orders over $99 

    Exclusions:  Professional Development,  ETA H2M custom kits including, but not   limited to:  national geographic NGSS,  Discovery Education STEM camp, National and North Carolina 4-H, Kits for use with   Great Minds Eureka Math Curriculum. Special promotions, sale items, quotes, brochures and bid prices (prefix BD. 

    Kaplan Early Learning Company

    P.O Box 609

    Lewisville, NC 27023

    Phone:  800-334-2014

    Fax:  336-712-2243


    • 15% off supplies
    • Minimum order $50
    • 15% shipping charges for        purchases under $50.  Free        standard UPS shipping for orders over $50

    Excludes:    truck items, next day air, 2nd day air, and K-Truck   delivery services.  Additional charges   for inside delivery and lift gate assistance may apply.

    Excludes any other sales offer, bids, quotes, coupons or discount.  Cannot be used toward purchase of gift   card.  Does not apply to outdoor   playground structures, parts, surfacing or services of playground.  Does not apply to lofts, technology   products, computers & accessories, curriculum, assessments &   screening materials.  All about ECERS-R, All about ITERS-R, professional development, lego products, Gaggle   Buggy (26792) GSA contract items and Tot Tree (96616), laminators and accessories and ABC Mouse products

    Lakeshore  Learning Materials

    2695 E. Dominguez St.

    Carson, CA 90895

    (800)-421-5354  Fax (310)-537-7990    

    Reference   “Per Bid S16B-0003” 

    • 5% discount supplies
    • N/A chemicals
    • Free shipping


    Nebraska Scientific

    3823 Leavenworth St.

    Omaha, Nebraska 68105

    Phone:  (800)-228-7117               

    Fax:  (402)-346-2216

    • 10% discount off CURRENT        catalog price only.(excludes sale or clearance items)
    • 0% discount chemicals
    • 12-15% estimated Shipping,        varies per weight
    • $25 minimum order
    • Free freight on orders over        $1,000 (excludes furniture)

    No discount on sale items, cannot combine with any other bid or offer.

    Nasco  Quote # 47084

    901 Janesville Ave.

    P.O. Box 901

    Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0901

    Phone: (800)-558-9595

    Fax:  (920)-563-8296


    • 15% discount supplies
    • 15% on chemicals
    • $50 minimum order per        delivery applies
    • shipping FOB destination

    *Exceptions   to free shipping: Live or Hazardous material (prefix "LM") ; items   with a diamond insignia  or truck logo. Truck shipments are dock delivery. Any live material shipments totaling less than $15.00 is subject to a $7 handling charge. A hazardous material surcharge will be added to items with a black diamond insignia or a D.O.T symbol. 

    Ready or not tot and accessories, Xenopus Frogs and Live material coupon cards and   items with "NA" or "NZ" prefix are excluded from this bid.

    Really Good Stuff

    Account # 0021646

    Contract #S18B-0014

    448 Pepper St.

    Monroe CT 06468

    Phone:  (800) 366-1920

    Fax: (203) 268-8120


    • 3% off supplies ( off regular        price merchandise)
    • No Minimum Order
    • Free freight except for extra freight items and items containing a truck icon. 

    Exclusions:  promotional offers or coupons



    Sargent Welch VWR

    5100 West Henrietta Road

    Rochester, NY 14692-9012

    Phone: (800)-727-4368

    Fax:  (800)-676-2540

    • 33% Discount Supplies website        pricing
    • 33% Discount Chemicals        website pricing
    • NO minimum order
    • Free ground shipping on all        orders.

    Exceptions for free freight: hazardous materials, overnight shipments, motor or live materials.  Hazardous surcharges will be charged on (1) flat fee of $27.50 per order, per shipping location.

    Exceptions:   Items ending in a price with a "9" (I.E. XX.09, $5.49, $12.89, Etc.)  These will ship at catalog list price.

    Wards Science

    5100 West Henrietta Road

    Rochester, NY 14692-9012

    Phone: (800)-962-2660

    Fax: (800)-635-8439

    • 15% Discount Supplies website        pricing
    • 15% Discount Chemicals        website pricing
    • Free ground shipping on all        orders

    Exceptions   for free freight: hazardous materials, overnight shipments, motor or live   materials.  Hazardous surcharges will be charged on (1) flat fee of $27.50 per order, per shipping location.

    Exceptions:   Items ending in a price with a "9" (I.E. XX.09, $5.49, $12.89,   ETC..)  These will ship at catalog list price.