Distribution Center

  • The Distribution Center staff maintain inventory of art supplies, audio visual supplies, physical education supplies, instructional supplies, office supplies, furniture, custodial supplies, food, first aid supplies, cafeteria supplies, as well as other groups of items. Delivery trucks provide schools with deliveries of orders, textbooks, and equipment. Other duties include coordinating the disposal of surplus/obsolete equipment through public auctions, redistributing used furniture, assisting with employees moves.

Route Schedule

  • Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Everyday
    Bowerman AOE Bingham Carver  KAC
    Boyd Bissett Delaware Carver Transportation AOFA
    Central Campbell Field Cherokee Bentley
    Central Pool Hillcrest Glendale Cowden Care to Learn
    Cox North Jarrett Holland Darr AG Choice
    Curry Field  JFK Mercy Disney Dream Center
    Fremont Mallory Old Jarrett Fulbright Explore
    Hickory Hills McGregor Pershing Gray Fairbanks
    Natatorium Parkview Phelps Harrison GSC
    Pipkin SOS Pittman Jeffries Lakeland
    Pleasant View Study Rountree Kickapoo OTC
    Reed Watkins Sequiota Launch Sps Police 
    Robberson Westport Sunshine Mann Wolf
    Shady Dell Williams Wilder McBride  
    Transportation Wilson Arena   Old Sherwood  
    Truman York   Sherwood  
    Weaver     Twain  
    Weller     Wilson Creek   

Request Equipment/Surplus Pick Up

  • Requests to move equipment or to have surplus picked up should be submitted online via School Dude. Please select "Moving" under the craft tab so it will be routed to the Distribution Center. Requests will be prioritized in the order received in the work order system.  School Dude is accessible 24/7 via any internet access point. 

Delivery/Pick Up Procedures

    • The Distribution Center makes regular stops at each site. Each site has a designated pick up/drop off location. The Distribution Center will deliver items to this location as designated by the site.
    • If a site has an item that needs to be returned for credit to the Distribution Center it needs to be at the pick up/drop off location. If the item is to be returned for credit it needs to have a copy of original packing slip and/or the requisition number the item was purchased with.
    • If the site does not feel comfortable leaving an item at the pick up/drop off location due to the cost of the item or for other reasons, it needs to be left with the office secretary and a note needs to be placed at the pick up/ drop off location. This way the deliver driver will know to go to the office to pick up the item.
    • If you have any questions please contact the Distribution Center at (417) 523-0433 or 36633.