• Driver Education

    Driver Education

    This course provides classroom instruction with a focus on the skills, responsible attitudes, and behaviors needed to become a safe driver. This course is dedicated to the concept of helping young drivers save lives – their lives as well as the lives of others. While taking the course, students will also learn about the basic traffic laws and rules of the road that apply to common everyday driving situations.

    Launch Course

    Credits: (0.5) Credit Course

    Estimated Completion Time: 1 semester/9-18 weeks


    The student will learn:

    • Study and discuss the Missouri Driver's Guide
    • Observe videos demonstrating the proper skills and techniques.
    • Discuss significant emotions, attitudes and physical conditions that affect driving.
    • Study and discuss the natural forces, weather and environment conditions that affect driving.
    • Alcohol, drugs, texting and accident rates that impact young drivers.
    • Purchasing, insuring, and the cost of operating a vehicle.


    Scope and Sequence

    Unit 1: Driver Guide Chapter 1 & 2

    • The Missouri Driver License and Graduated Driver License Law
    • The Driver Exam

    Unit 2: Driver Guide Chapter 3 & 4

    • Pavement Marking, Traffic Signs, and Signals
    • Rules of the Road

    Unit 3: Driver Guide Chapter 5, 6, & 7

    • Parking
    • Highway Driving
    • Sharing the Road

    Unit 4: Driver Guide Chapter 8 & 9

    • Safe Driving Tips for Everyday Driving
    • Safe Driving for Special Driving Conditions

    Unit 5: Driver Guide Chapter 10 & 11

    • Be in Shape to Drive
    • The Point System and How it Affects You

    Unit 6: Driver Guide Chapter 12, 13, & 14

    • Vehicle Titling and Registration
    • Mandatory Insurance
    • Safety and Emissions Inspections and Required Equipment





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