• Physical Education

    The Physical Education program includes a variety of different courses all aimed towards students developing a foundation for lifelong healthy living. Each grade level receives Physical Education instruction aligned to Missouri Learning Standards.

    The Springfield Public Schools Physical Education program provides instruction by certified Physical Education instructors for all learners.  Students at the elementary level participate in two, thirty-minute classes per week.

    Physical Education is offered to middle school students at each grade as a requirement. Course length and offering is depending on individual school requirements determined by the site-based management process. Outdoor Awareness is also offered as an elective.

    Physical Education is offered to high school students as an elective course and fulfills the state and local graduation requirements. The high school curriculum offers the following courses:

    • Physical Education 1
    • Individual / Dual Sports
    • Team Sports
    • Personal Fitness
    • Aerobics
    • Outdoor Living
    • Health

Elementary Health

  • Project Based Learning units integrate science, social studies, and health content in kindergarten through fifth grade.  Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students work throughout a unit to investigate and respond to an engaging and meaningful question, problem, or challenge.  Students gain knowledge and skills as they research, problem solve, make decisions, use feedback, and present about their project.

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