Secondary Mathematics

Secondary Math Program Goals

  • Goal 1: The district will support the adoption of resources, writing of curriculum, creation of assessments, and provide content-specific professional learning to support teacher implementation and meet individual student needs.

    Goal 2: Teachers will implement district adopted curriculum, resources, and assessments with integrity. 

    Goal 3: Students will engage in rigorous grade-level math learning opportunities that include best practices for equitable instruction and sense making.

    Goal 4: Through participation in secondary mathematics courses, students will have the skills necessary to continue rigorous coursework in high school, as well as be equipped to enter higher education institutions or careers of their choice.

Core & Adaptive Software Resources

  •  Core Resources Adaptive Software 
    6-12 Math Core Resources 6-12 Math Adaptive Resources

SPS Mathematics Pathways

  • At this time, teacher recommendation is necessary for students to be enrolled in the Accelerated/Advanced/Intervention Pathway.

    6-8 Math Pathway Courses

    9-12 Math Pathway Courses

Best Practice

  • Core Beliefs About Mathematics in SPS

  • Standards for Student Mathematical Practice

  • Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices

  • Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discourse

  • A Problem-Based Model

  • KAC
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