Early kindergarten registration helps students, teachers prepare for successful start

  • Kindergarten Classroom

    The first day of kindergarten is an important day in a child’s life. That’s why at SPS, teachers, early childhood educators and families partner to help students prepare for August with small, significant steps each spring. 

    “Parents go online and complete the registration process, then they submit an in-person proof of residence,” said Missy Riley, director of early childhood and Parents as Teachers. “Then we encourage all families with children under the age of kindergarten to call to schedule a developmental kindergarten screening.” 

    Developmental kindergarten screenings evaluate a child’s emotional, social and cognitive developmental delays. In less than an hour, a early childhood educator will be able to take a snapshot of a child’s behavior and academic level, with results immediately shared with the child’s parent, says Riley. 

    Developmental screenings help kindergarten teachers meet students’ individual needs on the first day of school, says Beth Murphy, kindergarten teacher at Disney Elementary School. 

    “Screenings help teachers know if they have students who have special needs and prepare their classroom for that,” she says. “But they also help parents know if their child has any delays or if they need to acquire resources. Sometimes, it’s the first time that they’ve heard that their child might need extra help.” 

    Completing a kindergarten screening early provides extra time for children and families to prepare for a successful start to school, with personalized recommendations on skills pre-K students can improve. And those extra, intentional steps toward kindergarten readiness make a difference, says Murphy. 

    “You want to make sure your child is successful,” she says. “It’s our ultimate goal as parents and teachers. Helping them make the transition into kindergarten? The sooner you start, the better.”

    If your child is heading to kindergarten as a member of the class of 2031, call the SPS Early Childhood Education office at 523-1333 to schedule a free developmental screening. To register for kindergarten, visit our online enrollment page.