Art Museum all school art exhibition showcases student talent, learning

  • Student With Artwork

    From March 3 to April 29, the community is invited to a decades-old tradition of the All School Exhibition at the Springfield Art Museum. More than 200 student artworks will be featured in the museum’s main gallery, with student artists featured from every Springfield school.

    But new this year, the museum’s celebration doesn’t just showcase student’s creativity. Additional elements in the gallery space spotlight what students learned while creating their masterpieces, said Breana Kavanaugh, fine arts/world language coordinator at SPS.

    “The Art Museum was even more collaborative this year in partnering to showcase our students’ talents,” she said. “They reached out to ask for more information and quotes about what our students learned when making the pieces to include on the walls by the artwork. So people could not just see a cute owl, they’re also able to see what students learned by making that owl.”

    In addition to text on gallery walls, iPads playing videos are in the gallery, showing what SPS students learned, how they completed projects and what their artwork means to them. Each educational element in the art gallery provides deeper meaning to the works created by students, for both the public and the artists themselves.

    “This is such a great opportunity for our students to see that the work they do matters,” she said. “It’s a very relevant opportunity for our students, where their works are celebrated and seen not just by their teacher, but by the whole community in a museum. That means so much to our students, who will remember that learning experience.”