Energy Management

  • Guided by our strategic plan, the District is constantly evaluating ways to align, manage and optimize resources for improved student success while providing for the needs of employees.  Focusing on meeting the needs of students and staff led the Springfield Board of Education to take proactive steps to increase energy efficiency and reduce money spent on utilities by partnering with Cenergistic, an energy conservation company. For 30 years, Cenergistic has helped school districts and other educational organizations nationwide reduce energy consumption, allowing them to keep funding focused on the classroom.


Site Leader's Role in Energy Conservation

    • Provide support to the energy specialists as they direct efforts to reduce energy cost at your site.
    • Communicate to staff the overall value of reducing energy cost and the benefits of being able to redirect those resources to support students.
    • Communicate to staff the importance of the role of the energy specialist while underscoring the expectation of all employees to support and cooperate with energy management efforts.
    • Regularly remind staff of their role in energy saving efforts and its effect on the success of our energy program.

Financial Savings

  • Guaranteed by Cenergistic to save the district money, our energy program could potentially provide an estimated $2.76 million over the next five years of additional resources to our classrooms. Thank you for your support of this work and for working with Cenergistic staff to ensure its success. Our focus is to meet the needs of our staff and students during the school day, while maximizing savings when the building is not occupied.

Energy Management Team

  • Joseph Puzzo started his career in project management for an ESCO (Energy Savings Company) managing large scale energy remodels for Public Schools.  He has a background in construction and business Management.  

     Joseph Puzzo

    Quinton Hamp has a degree in Natural Sciences and Mathematics and comes from a project management and customer service background.

    Quinton Hamp