• attendance

    When it comes to attendance, 90% is not an A. 

    When you do the math, 90% attendance is 20 school days missed. That’s 20 days of critically important lessons, support from teachers and memories with classmates.

    And days add up -- students who are chronically absent are more likely to be suspended, struggle with learning and not graduate from high school. And tardiness counts, too. Those 5-10 minutes late each day adds up to almost 4 days per school year.

    If you need support getting your child to school, we’re here to help. Make it a goal for your child to Attend Daily. On Time. All Day.


Attend daily, on time, all day.

  • Every minute missed is a missed opportunity for students to learn, grow and achieve.

    Make it a priority for students to be at school, on time, every day. Even one missed day a month can knock students off track.

    Families should aim for 95% attendance or more for their child. That’s 9 missed days a year, or no more than one day a month. Any more can knock students off track and keep them from reaching their full potential.