B.A.S.E Project

  • Business Associated Student Education

    What is the B.A.S.E. Project?
    Community-based vocational and academic program, serving students:

    • Within the Springfield Public School District
    • 16-years of age or older
    • With an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

    To provide students’ with opportunities to develop career awareness, exploration, assessment, and positive social skills necessary for successful integration in the world of work and society.

    What makes B.A.S.E. different?
    The B.A.S.E. Project allows teachers to incorporate academics and related skills in a functional manner in natural environments. These related skills include:

    • Communication
    • Independent living
    • Social skills
    • Problem-solving
    • Confidence
    • Self-determination

    Classroom Component
    The classroom component consists of approximately 3 hours:

    • Practical academic study
    • Pre-employment training
    • Postsecondary education/training options
    • Daily-living skills
    • Occupational guidance
    • Self-determination/self-advocacy
    • IEP goals

    Work Component
    The work component, approximately 3 hours/day, is designed for students to job shadow a variety of professions. Students rotate through different job sites each quarter. Every effort is made to match the student's preferences and aptitudes with opportunities. In the past, additional placements have been developed to meet unique students’ interests and preferences, such as a beauty salon, bakery, and bookstore.  

    Work Experiences: 
    Child care, Animal care, Assisted-care facilities, Clerical, Construction trades/manufacturing, Food service, Grounds maintenance, Admitting/patient transport services, Central supply, Environmental service/custodial, Laundry, etc.