Professional Learning Advisory

  • On behalf of the PL Advisory, we would like to thank the 1,103 educators who completed the Needs Assessment in 2023.   

    District results from the survey are used to make revisions to the 2021-2024 District Professional Learning Plan, which is shared annually with the Board of Education. Here are the materials provided to the Board of Education for the presentation in May 2023.




    Early Childhood Education 

    Liz Reeves-EC Specialist

    Robyn Hagerman - Fulbright ECC  



    Sariah Roberts - Westport

    Rachel Hoing - Sequiota  

    Amanda Demster - Robberson  

    Jean Lawson - Truman   

    Heather Underwood - Boyd  

    Tiffany Coughenour - Jeffries  



    Devin Napoli - Pipkin

    Heather McNair - Glendale  

    Barbie Mooneyham- Reed   

    Lauren Sparks - Jarrett  

    Taylor Williams - Kickapoo  

    Nicole Hardison - Glendale  


    Choice Programming

    Kym Nelms - Launch

    Megan Mann - Gifted

    Matthew Bills - Choice Programs


    Appointed Representatives

    Nicole Bueno - Glendale (SNEA)

    Christopher Davis - Westport (SNEA)  

    Tiffany Lindley- MSTA (Cherokee)  

    Tracy Daniels

    (Elementary Principal Rep, Sunshine)

     Mark Call

    (Secondary Principal Rep, Cherokee)

    Cole Dishman

    (Secondary Principal Rep, Parkview)

    Jenny Talburt

    (Director, Elementary Curriculum)

    Wendy Robinson

    (Director, Secondary Curriculum) 

    PL Advisory Facilitators

    Dr. Martha Doennig, Director

    (Professional Learning)

    Stephanie Anderson, Coordinator

    (Professional Learning)