Professional Learning Advisory

  • On behalf of the PL Advisory, we would like to thank the 1,220 educators who completed the Needs Assessment in 2020.  This is roughly the same number as 2019 when we had 1,234 responses.

    District results from the survey will be used by PL Advisory members to monitory our comprehensive professional learning plan for SPS. Site results will be shared with each team during the SPLS work days in May and June. The information will allow our district and site teams to reflect on current practices and make decisions based on need for the 2020-21 school year and beyond!


    Congratulations to our newest members of the Professional Learning Advisory whose 3-year terms will begin August 2020:

    • Adam Shatto (McGregor)
    • Jean Lawson (Truman)
    • Rich Dameron (Reed)
    • Kendall Bennett (Jarrett)
    • Kym Nelms (GO CAPS)
    • Kayla Hollister-Graham (Campbell)




    Early Childhood Education 

    Ellie Crumbaugh-Shining Stars 


    Kayla Hollister-Graham - Campbell



    Jodi Grable-Watkins (HHS Feeder)


    Bethany Hubbell-Sequiota (GHS Feeder)


    Adam Shatto - McGregor (CHS Feeder)


    Jean Lawson - Truman (HHS Feeder)


    Amy Fleming-Williams (HHS Feeder)


    Lauren Wilson-Williams (HHS Feeder)



    Christopher Davis-KHS


    Angela Mansel - Cherokee (KHS Feeder)


    Rich Dameron - Reed (HHS Feeder)


    Kendall Bennett - Jarrett (PHS Feeder)


    Bob Lynch-GHS


    Angie Odom-KHS


    Choice Programming

    Kym Nelms - GOCAPS


    Appointed Representatives

    Sarah Carleton-Marshall-SNEA (CHS)

    Nancy Smith- MSTA (ECSE) 

    Crystal Magers

    (Elementary Principal Rep, Sherwood)

    Lindsay Cowan

    (Secondary Principal Rep, Hillcrest)

    PL Advisory Facilitators

    Dr. Martha Doennig, Director

    (Learning Development)

    Dr. Angela Boyer, Coordinator

    (Learning Development)