Professional Learning Advisory

  • On behalf of the PL Advisory, we would like to thank the 721 educators who completed the Needs Assessment in 2022.   

    District results from the survey are used with intentionality to make revisions to the 2021-2024 District Professional Learning Plan, which is shared annually with the Board of Education.  Here is the Board of Education Presentation and the PL Plan that was approved by the SPS Board of Education in 2021. Additional information can be viewed at the June 2022 Board of Education meeting. 

    The 2020-2021 District Professional Learning Needs Assessment results can be viewed here

    The 2021-2022 District Professional Learning Needs Assessment results will be available here. 

    Congratulations to the newly elected Professional Learning Advisory Members who will begin a 3-year term in the 2022-2023 school year.

    Liz Reeves, Campbell Early Childhood Center

    Tiffany Coughenour, Jeffries Elementary School

    Heather Underwood, Boyd Elementary School

    Taylor R. Williams, Kickapoo High School

    Nicole Hardison, Glendale HIgh School

    Jerra Gillespie, Scholars, Central High School

    Matthew Bills, Health Sciences Academy (HSA), Choice Program




    Early Childhood Education 

    Ellie Crumbaugh-Mallory (PC)


    Kayla Hollister-Graham - Campbell



    Jodi Grable-Watkins (HHS Feeder)


    Bethany Hubbell-Sequiota (GHS Feeder)


    Adam Shatto - McGregor (CHS Feeder)


    Jean Lawson - Truman (HHS Feeder)


    Amy Fleming-Williams (HHS Feeder)


    Lauren Wilson-Williams (HHS Feeder)



    Christopher Davis-KHS


    Angela Mansel - Cherokee (KHS Feeder)


    Barbie Mooneyham- Reed (HHS Feeder)


    Kendall Bennett - Jarrett (PHS Feeder)


    Bob Lynch-GHS


    Angie Odom-KHS


    Choice Programming

    Kym Nelms - Launch


    Appointed Representatives

    Nicole Bueno - Glendale (SNEA)

    Shannon Benne - Fremont (SNEA)

    Nancy Smith- MSTA (Mallory)

    Angie Carder

    (Elementary Principal Rep, Wanda Gray)

    Joann Hite

    (Secondary Principal Rep, Central)

    Allison Pilley

    (Director, Learning Support)

    PL Advisory Facilitators

    Dr. Martha Doennig, Director

    (Learning Development)

    Dr. Angela Boyer, Coordinator

    (Learning Development)