Supporting Teachers, Examining Practices, Uncovering Potential

    A two-year induction program that articulates SPS' instructional, curricular, and professional emphases to early career teachers entering the district. Consistent classroom coaching and reflective feedback allow the new professional to develop the necessary skills to become an effective classroom teacher that impacts student achievement.

  • STEP UP Year 1

    The Engaged Classroom

    The Engaged Classroom is designed to explore what it takes to create a well-managed, positive classroom for all members of the classroom community. This course takes participants through the practical components of effective classroom management, highlighting proactive and restorative practices. Through interaction, participants will gain tools to create a positive environment, cultivate meaningful relationships, and confidently engage students in active learning.

    The Engaged Classroom Follow-Up Sessions

    Year 1 STEP UP teachers will have the chance to participate in two of four The Positive Classroom Follow-Up Sessions in their first year.

    Topics for 2020-2021 are yet to be determined, but topics from 2019-2020 include the following:

    Option #1: Intrinsic Motivation: The Positive Classroom. 

    Build upon core components of the Positive Classroom to meet the individual needs within your classroom. Consider the motivational and behavioral patterns of your students as you explore and select research- based strategies to increase motivation in the classroom and promote positive behavior.

    Option #2: Active Engagement: The Positive Classroom.

    Build upon core components of The Positive Classroom to create an engaging, relevant, and personal learning environment.  Cultivate engagement within your classroom community as you explore and select strategies to increase student engagement in the learning process while addressing personal learning needs.

    Option #3: Instructional Design: The Positive Classroom.

    Build upon core components of The Positive Classroom to create powerful instruction that impacts all learners.  Gain structures to design instruction to ensure high engagement with intentional learning outcomes.  Explore and select strategies to improve learning opportunities for all of your students.

    Option #4: Roundtables: The Positive Classroom.

    Build upon core components of The Positive Classroom to create an engaging, relevant, and personal learning environment.  Engage in round table conversations with master educators in classrooms around SPS during this experience.  Using the four components of The Positive Classroom as your guide, expand strategies to meet the unique needs of your learners. 


  • Overview of Springfield Public School's STEP UP Program


  • STEP UP Year 2

    Cooperative Learning

    Year 2 STEP UP teachers participate in this 3-day Cooperative Learning Workshop to enhance the positive classroom with Kagan Cooperative Learning. Veteran teachers who have not attended the workshop in the past five (5) years are also invited. Cooperative Learning transforms the classroom by increasing student engagement and improving student achievement.  By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to:

    *explain the difference between cooperative learning and group work.

    *fill your toolbox with over 20 structures that you can use with any content.

    *make your classroom a more brain-friendly environment.

    By using Cooperative Learning, you'll provide your students with the opportunity to practice critical thinking, collaboration, and communication; all key areas of 21st century learning.  In other words, Cooperative Learning empowers you to make the most of every minute with your students!

    More Cooperative Learning

    Any teacher who has completed the 3-day Cooperative Learning Workshop and is interested in deepening their Cooperative Learning knowledge may attend More Cooperative Learning. Topics of More Cooperative Learning vary each time. 

     SPS Access Class

    2019-2020 was the first year that STEP UP educators, in their second year, could select the opportunity to participate in SPS Access Class for learning.  This experience, in partnership with Leadership Springfield, is one in which educators expand understanding of the community with the focus on how to best impact student growth.