Athletic and Activity Trip Forms

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    Student Travel
    Required for any out-of-state or overnight event and trips exceeding 250 miles.

    Sign-Out Chart
    Use at the end of an event to dismiss students to parents.

    Driver Verification Form
    For employees wishing to transport students in a private vehicle (owned or rented).
    Verification must include your policy limits. Form must be submitted WITH proper insurance verifications.  
    Please follow all instructions on the form. Submit completed form to Heather Ulrich by email or by fax to 417-523-0395

    District Day Camp Permission Form Language
    For use when conducting district-hosted camps. Participant permission forms should include this language.

    Regular Season Information and Forms

    Secondary School Athletics/Activities Transportation Procedures

    Parent Information Sheet
    Provide to parents at the beginning of each season.

    Sign-Out Exception Request
    Provide to parents who are requesting an exception to normal sign-out procedures. Requires advance approval at Site and District levels.

    No Transportation Notice
    Use in exception situations for specific regular-season out-of-town events to notify parents that there will be no transportation provided by or arranged by the District. Executive pre-approval is required.

    Off-Season Information and Forms

    Sponsor Guidelines - Camp/Clinic/League
    Sponsor Guidelines for off-season activities and events.

    Parent Information and Consent - Camp/Clinic/League
    Obtain prior to student participation in off-season activities. Multiple events may be combined on one form.

    No Transportation Notice - Summer Camps/Clinics/Leagues
    Use for day camps, clinics, and leagues.  NOT for overnight or out of state events.  Multiple events may be combined on one form.

    Parent Exception Request - Summer Camps/Clinics/Leagues
    Provide to parents who are requesting to make their own arrangements for travel and lodging for camps, clinics, and leagues.  Requires advance approval at Site and District level.

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