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    Chaperones must complete one of the following forms:


    Approval for employees to act as a chaperone for Extended Student Travel may be obtained by completing the Employee Chaperone Training.

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will be added to the approved District Chaperone List, which is accessible by appropriate District personnel.  

    Training is required annually. 


    Approval for non-employees to act as a chaperone for Extended Student Travel may be obtained by completing the Non-Employee Volunteer Chaperone Training.

    Signed forms should be submitted to the contacts listed below. 



    Submit Forms and Questions to:

    Club/Academic/Performing Arts: Wendy Lockhart, Athletics/Student Activities

    Athletic Event: Amy Banks, Athletics//Student Activities  

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Contact Information

  • Nancy Ragains nragains@spsmail.org Director of Risk Management (417) 523-0312


    Karen Cassata blcryer@spsmail.org Claims Coordinator  (417) 523-0313

    Brandi Cryer blcryer@spsmail.org
    Contract Coordinator  (417) 523-0159

     Fax (417) 523-0395


Mission Statement

  • To promote safe, healthy and secure learning and working environments for District students and personnel, and to ensure the protection of District property and resources against harm or loss by identifying risks and administering programs to prevent and minimize losses.

About Our Department

  • The Risk Management Department promotes and facilitates a culture of compliance and shared responsibility for the health and safety of students and personnel.