• Green Team Dates: Spring 2023  

    Monday: April 17, May 8 

    Tuesday: April 18, May 9

    Wednesday: May 3

    Thursday: May 4

     Chess Club Dates: Spring 2023

    Thank you to all of our Chess Club participants! Chess Club will resume in late Fall 2023.

    Chess Club Tournament Winners:


    1st Place: Jackson F.
    2nd Place:
    Vihaan K.
    3rd Place:
    Kriti B.
    Honorable Mention:
    Blake B.


    1st Place: Sam H.
    2nd Place: Christopher H.
    3rd Place: Branch E.
    Honorable Mention: Hudson W.


    1st Place: Jett F.
    2nd Place:
    Joshua S.
    3rd Place:
    Seb J.
    Honorable Mention:
    Maxson K.


    1st Place: Jacen D.
    2nd Place: Logan R.
    3rd Place: Olyvia T.
    Honorable Mention: Leon A.