Student Travel

  • The following forms are available to SPS employees.  To access, log into your SPS Google account and then download the document to your computer. 

    ***If you cannot view these documents***
    Log out of ALL Google accounts and sign back in using only your SPS Google account login.

    Student Travel Manual
    In-depth guide for student travel procedures

    Intent to Travel Request Form
    First step in obtaining trip approval. Complete this form when you are first aware of a trip. A trip application number will be provided and is required for your Travel Applications for Pre-approval and/or Final Approval.

    Travel Application - Pre-approval
    Use this form for Pre-approval when significant advanced planning is required.

    Travel Application - Final Approval
    Complete the Final Approval application when all details of the trip are finalized.

    District Chaperone Training Guide - Extended Travel
    Required of all District employee chaperones.

    Volunteer Chaperone Supervision Guidelines 
    Required of all non-employee chaperones, including parents.

    Charter Transportation Vendor Information  
    A list of approved charter transportation vendors is maintained by the Purchasing Department 

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