• tornado shelterThe primary function of a district tornado safe room is to provide protection for the students and staff during tornado and extreme high wind events during school hours. The tornado safe rooms at the locations listed below are available to residents in the community during non-school hours. 

Use of Safe Rooms by Community Members

  • Use of the tornado safe rooms is recommended for those who live within a half-mile radius of the school during non-school hours to ensure the ability to safely arrive after a warning has been issued. View school start and end times.  

    1. Boyd Elementary School, 833 E. Division St. -- Enter at door #1. Blue light above door.  
    2. Delaware Elementary School, 1505 S. Delaware -- Enter at door #1. Blue light above door. 
    3. Field Elementary, 2120 E. Barataria -- Enter at door #8. Blue light above door.
    4. Fremont Elementary School, 2814 N. Fremont -- Enter at door #6. Blue light above door.
    5. Hillcrest High School, 3319 N. Grant Ave.-- Enter at door #27. Blue light above door.
    6. Jarrett Middle School, 906 W. Portland -- Enter at door #9. Blue light above door.
    7. Jeffries Elementary School, 4051 S. Scenic Ave. -- Enter at door # 1. Blue light above door.
    8. Kickapoo High School, 3710 S. Jefferson Ave.-- Enter at door # 15. Blue light above door.
    9. Sherwood Elementary School, 2524 S. Golden Ave.-- Enter at door # 3. Blue light above door.
    10. Sunshine Elementary School, 421 E. Sunshine -- Enter at door #6. Blue light above door. 
    11. Twain Elementary, 2352 S. Weaver Ave. -- Enter at door #3. Blue light above door. 
    12. Westport K-8 School, 415 S. Golden Ave. -- Enter at door # 2.  Blue light to left side of door.
    13. Williams Elementary School, 2205 W. Kearney -- Enter at door #1. Blue light above door. 
    14. York Elementary School, 2100 W. Nichols -- Enter at door #10. Blue light above door. 

    When a tornado watch is issued for Greene County, district personnel will ready the area for occupancy should a warning be issued.

    When a tornado warning is issued (tornado sirens activated) by the County’s Emergency Management Director or Greene County’s 911 Director, the safe room will be opened.

    The doors to the tornado safe room will close 10 minutes after a warning is issued or sooner if tornadic activity is observed in the vicinity.

    The weather will continue to be monitored and individuals may occupy the safe room until the severe weather has abated and the National Weather Service has canceled the warnings and watches or they have expired. At this time, district personnel will announce to the facility that the “All-Clear” has been given and everyone may leave the facility.



  • Tornado Watch: The National Weather Service (NWS) issues a tornado watch to indicate that the conditions for the formation of a tornado are favorable. A watch is a recommendation for planning, preparation, and increased awareness (i.e., to be alert for changing weather, listen for further information, and think about what to do if the danger materializes).

    Tornado Warning: The National Weather Service (NWS) issues a tornado warning to indicate that a tornado is either imminent or has been reported.  A warning indicates the need to take action immediately to protect life and property.

Special Needs

  • Individuals who have special needs and plan to use the safe room should contact Springfield Public Schools, General Service Center, 1458 E. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, MO  65802.  The sites will accommodate to the best of their ability special needs request. 

    Individuals who require aid animals will be allowed to bring the aid animal into the tornado safe room.  The aid animal must be on a leash and kept under the owner's control at all times.  Aid animal needs such as water, food, cleaning supplies are to be provided by the owner.  The owner is responsible for the actions of the aid animal. NOTE: Companion animals and other house pets or animals are not allowed in the safe room due to space limitations.