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Hillcrest to renovate portions of its campus with passage of Proposition S

Hillcrest High School is a north Springfield institution with a proud tradition, serving students for more than 60 years. This year, a group of citizens from across Springfield came together and recommended need improvements to portions of Hillcrest.

“Currently, Hillcrest does not have a secure entrance that requires visitors to enter through the office before accessing the school,” said Laurie Sullivan, member of the Community Task Force on Facilities and English teacher at Hillcrest. “Students also have to leave the main building to go to classes in the Annex and the HPER, which is a safety concern.”

Hillcrest High School was built in 1957, and its current design does not meet the needs of its school community.

“In addition to security challenges, Hillcrest’s design poses barriers to accessibility for students and visitors to the school,” said Josh Groves, Pleasant View K-8 School principal. “When it was built, it was not designed with these issues in mind.”

To accomplish these changes, renovations will be completed to portions of Hillcrest’s campus.

“Renovations will feature demolition of older portions of the building and construction of new spaces,” says Rich Dameron, member of the Community Task Force on Facilities and teacher/athletic director at Reed Academy. “This renovation will make Hillcrest better suited to meet the needs of learners on Hillcrest’s campus, while providing adequate space for its projected student population.”

A renovated Hillcrest will address all of these and other facility problems, with the total cost of a renovated Hillcrest High School estimated at $24.75 million.

Hillcrest is one of many schools that would receive facility improvements, including secure entrances for 31 sites, with approval of Proposition S. Learn more at