Mission Statement

  • To promote safe, healthy and secure learning and working environments for District students and personnel, and to ensure the protection of District property and resources against harm or loss by identifying risks and administering programs to prevent and minimize losses.

About Our Department

  • The Risk Management Department promotes and facilitates a culture of compliance and shared responsibility for the health and safety of students and personnel. 

  • The Risk Management Department is your contact for:

    • General Liability
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Risk Assessment
    • Requests for Certificate of Insurance
    • Contract Approval Process

Commonly Used Forms

  • Additional forms are available in our Forms & Information links. 

    All Risk Management forms are available for use by SPS employees. To access, log into your SPS Google account and download the document to your computer.  

    ***If you cannot view these documents***
    Log out of ALL Google accounts and sign back in using only your SPS Google account login.

    Driver Verification Form
    Verification must include your policy limits.  Submit completed form WITH proper insurance verification to Heather Ulrich by email or by fax to 417-523-0395. 

    Motor Vehicle Report Consent and Information Form

    District Property Loss or Damage Report
    Report damage or loss or District property. 

    Travel Application - Pre Approval
    Using estimates, complete pre-approval app before presenting to parents or making payments

    Travel Application - Final Approval

    *Travel Application required for student travel exceeding 250 miles one-way *or* travel involving an overnight stay

    Employee Incident Form
    Immediately after an incident occurs, complete an Employee Incident Report and fax the completed form to the Risk Management office.

     Open forms with Adobe to use fillable form function  Many of our documents are fillable forms. For best results, first download the blank document and then open the document in Adobe. The completed form may not save correctly if completed in a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

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