Equity and Access

  • Equity and Access The office of Equity and Access is committed to building a school district community in which all areas of  diversity are valued.  Diversity enriches educational experiences by affording opportunities to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions that are often the foundation for insensitivity, misunderstanding, and conflict.

    The office of Equity and Access is committed to increasing knowledge and awareness of cultural differences, as well as eliminating bigotry, both overt and subtle.

    Each student within the district is treated with respect, and supports are in place to ensure success for all children.



  • To provide opportunities and resources to diverse groups to create better educational outcomes that are reflective of their experiences.


  • Each student and family within the district are treated with respect to ensure success for all children.

Site Support

  • Equity Champions

    • Each site has a dedicated equity champion to support staff development and input on equity issues.
    • Provides resources and support for families.

    College & Scholarship Planning

    • A support event is held at each high school every semester to assist students with planning college and career exploration.
    • Assistance completing forms is provided (one-on-one upon request).