Early Childhood Special Education

Christy Davis, Associate Director

  • Christy Davis My name is Christy Davis.  I'm the Associate Director of Special Services and I'm in charge of the ECSE program.  I have been working in Springfield Public Schools with early childhood students since 2001.  I work with many community early childhood leaders and advocates to collaborate ways to support the young children of Springfield.

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Melissa Knetzer, Process Coordinator

  • Melissa Knetzer Hi, my name is Melissa Knetzer and I'm one of the ECSE Process Coordinators.

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Dawn Ward, Process Coordinator

  • Dawn Ward Hi, my name is Dawn Ward and I'm one of the ECSE Process Coordinators.  I have had the pleasure of working at Springfield Public Schools for 23 years.  I have held numerous positions in the district: Special Education teacher in a K-8 building where I worked with students in all of those grades, School Psychological Examiner, completing assessments to determine eligibility for students at all levels; and for the last 10 years as a Process Coordinator for Early Childhood Special Education.  

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Jennifer Cantrell, Assistant Director

  • Jennifer Cantrell My name is Jennifer Cantrell and I'm the Assistant Director of Special Services.  I have been a member of the Springfield Public Schools Special Services team since 2013.  Before coming to SPS, I served as a Director of Special Education, ECSE teacher, elementary special education teacher, kindergarten teacher, preschool teacher, and paraprofessional.  My mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of our youngest learners.  

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Jinny Datema, Counselor

  • Jinny Datema Hi, my name is Jinny Datema and I'm the ECSE counselor.  

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Cherie Horst, Social Worker

  • Cherie Horst Hi, my name is Cherie Horst.  I have been with Springfield Public Schools since 2002 as a social worker for Early Childhood Special Education.  My focus is to offer support to families and staff to help strengthen families, enhance involvement in their child's education, and provide referrals to community resources.  

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